There is an app for that !!

November 26, 2012

Time to feel geeky and proud : I have an app on the android play store.

If you speak french, and serve as a referee in improv games, check it out.

Arbitre, c’est un mΓ©tier ! on Google Play Store

0.3.9, because later is better than never

September 25, 2009

A long overdue release of boots-puzzle is on (thanks to diego for the comments, bug reports and stuff).

Not necessarily a lot to show, but it’s the preparation for future fun.

There is a now adventure called “ratlab”, which I will try to make kind-of-fun (with a silly story and stuff).

Also, I found a way to run the game under Windows, but it’s sill a bit of a hack (it involves using ruby-SDL-package, which is a bundle of ruby, SDL, and the ruby bindings, all in one *huge* zip file.).

As usual, see here and have fun !

0.3.8 to give you more control over your destiny

April 1, 2009

This is not a april’s fool or something. It’s just that boots-puzzle 0.3.8 is out (0.3.7 was short-lived, don’t worry, it’s in a better place now).

As usual : get it here !

So, now, I think I will not be able to delay any more the actual writing, or you know .. a bunch of levels to make, like, well, a game, and, sort of, find someone to draw some nicer art than that spritelib stuff … Dear reader (*), if you know an old-school 2D graphists with lots of spare time πŸ˜‰

Have fun

(*) When I say “dear reader’, I essentially mean Lionel, but if anyone else is reading this … who are you and who let you in πŸ˜‰ ???

Slick + Clojure : update

March 20, 2009

It seems that some people have been peeking at my post about Slick and Clojure … you might be interested by the following, then :

This thread is a discussion about my lame effort to translate a basic scroller example from Slick to clojure (the shamefull result can be found here.

The nice clojure’s feature demonstrated are :

* proxying
* having as little mutable state as possible, and using a lot of little “transformation” function
* integration with the input handling from Slick
* and realizing that the clojure community is rather nice πŸ˜‰

On the overall, the code length was reduced a bit, and I dare say the clojure code would be easier to test automatically than the slick examples (which was of course only an example).

Also, it was fun working with splitelib’s tank again !

Have fun

0.3.6 to a brand new level

March 20, 2009

boots-puzzle 0.3.6 is out.

The debian packaging should be *much* better now (thanks lionel for the lintian checks πŸ˜‰ ).

And I finally got some time to add a *new level* !!!! It introduces the “chess” plugins, with boots that make you move like a knight in a chess game (try level4 of the demo).

Next step might be a little bit of working on the graphics, cleaning the UI, and making the controls simpler … and some levels.

Have fun !

Letters to the Editor, 0.3.5

March 8, 2009

Boots-puzzle 0.3.5 out.
Nothing new in the game, but it should be possible to launch the editor from the command line (shoes is embedded in the release), and I added undo to the editor.
Plus some minimalist documentation in the “adventures in boots” manual.

The result is here.

With some time, and some luck, I might actually make some levels some day.

Is that all you can do as a 0.3.4 ?

March 3, 2009

Yup, I told I would do better than the 0.3.3 of boots-puzzle, but actually … the 0.3.3 was pretty broken (especially the debian package), since it pretended not to rely on gems, but actually did.

Now I’ve done what every serious maintainer should do once in a while : I got my machine stolen, had to reinstall everything on a fresh laptop, and realized things were quite broken.

So there is a nicer version of the application at the usual

I tried adding a few stuff in the doc about plugins. Still not quite there.

The editor REALLY need some doc and some work. Maybe some re-work, actually …

Also, give a look at the index of the site, I hacked a remake of pacman (to play with the AI), and it was fun to do, but then a few days later there was this great article on gamasutra and I realized I could have implemented things in a complete different way … which is not a problem !!

Have fun !

Slick and Clojure … firsts steps …

January 25, 2009

Playing with clojure at the moment … in the idea to try and make the
next 2D game in my round with it (just for fun…).

Since I’m going back to the java world, why not use a ‘real’ 2D engine
instead of rolling my own half-baked one each time ? I googled a bit
and found a bunch of interesting 3D engines (jMonkey, I’ll have to go
back to you sooner than later πŸ˜‰ ), and a bunch of interesting 2D
engines. I have to try one, I picked Slick, I have no idea how it will
end up.

Slick is found

Set up the project

I’ll use the following structure

  • slick-test
    • src
    • lib
    • clj

for java sources, lib and clojure files.

I’ll do this ‘by hand’, but if you use and IDE like Eclipse, you might want to adapt what comes next.

I’ll let Slick documentation help on this, but basically you want all of this :

  • Get the Slick full distribution from SVN
  • Build slick.jar if needed (the ant task is build-slick)
  • You’ll need the libs slick.jar, lwgl.jar. Put them in lib.
  • Also get Clojure, and the clojure.jar lib. Put it in lib.
  • Export the content of the jar called native-linux.jar (from Slick distribution, if you are on linux obviously).
    In eclipse, you do this with “export->java archive”. otherwise jar -xvf should do the trick. Copy all the so files in you lib folder

The java code

I am adapting the code for a very basic Slick example, taken here. (I won’t copy / paste is since it is render very uglily by wordpress, sorry…)

This is an app that does nothing.

The Clojure code

Here is the equivalent code in clojure (or so I think), to be put in a file like test.clj :

;; I suppose there is a way to import all classes ...
(import '(org.newdawn.slick





;; Here is the proxy for the simple game

(def simple-test

        (proxy [BasicGame] ["SimpleTest"]

                (init [container])

                (update [container delta])

                (render [container graphics]

                        (.drawString graphics "Hellow Slick world!" 0 100))))
;; Then the application is created and run

(.start (new AppGameContainer simple-test))

I run the app with a shell script like this. If you copy and compile
both the clojure and the java code, you can try and run both to see
that there is – at least to the naked eye – not a big difference
between the running times. Of course I’ll have to check that more …


if [$1 = "java"]; then
java -cp ${CP} -Djava.library.path=${LIB_PATH} ${CLASS} ./clj/test.clj

Next time I’ll try to have things move for real πŸ˜‰

No shortage of 0.3.3

October 22, 2008

Release numbers start to get funny : 0.3.3 is here, and it will be very disappointing.

There is only doc !

If fixed the INSTALL doc which was crappy and outdated, and I added a section on puzzles in my adventure-writing guide.

Not a single puzzle added : I am ashamed.

Well,Β  I tried to fix a problem with the process getting 100% of CPU because my input loop is hand-made and shitty, but even on that I am not very happy with myself.

Will I dare giving the home page address ?

I’ll do better on 0.3.4.

Cheers !

Officier, catch this 0.3.2 !!!

October 5, 2008

Boots-Puzzle 0.3.2 released.

News :

  • I got rid of GOSU (sorry guys) and moved to SDL, so there should be less bugs
  • The command line now displays options

See here :

Have fun !