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0.3.8 to give you more control over your destiny

April 1, 2009

This is not a april’s fool or something. It’s just that boots-puzzle 0.3.8 is out (0.3.7 was short-lived, don’t worry, it’s in a better place now).

As usual : get it here !

So, now, I think I will not be able to delay any more the actual writing, or you know .. a bunch of levels to make, like, well, a game, and, sort of, find someone to draw some nicer art than that spritelib stuff … Dear reader (*), if you know an old-school 2D graphists with lots of spare time 😉

Have fun

(*) When I say “dear reader’, I essentially mean Lionel, but if anyone else is reading this … who are you and who let you in 😉 ???

Boots-puzzle 0.3.0 released !

September 25, 2008


My pet project “boots-puzzle” has grown enough for me to show it to the world (as if the world cared, I know..).

So you’ll get yet-another-developper diary here !

You can check the home page here : home page.

0.3.0 is my first “public” release, so please be indulgent …

have fun !