Is that all you can do as a 0.3.4 ?

Yup, I told I would do better than the 0.3.3 of boots-puzzle, but actually … the 0.3.3 was pretty broken (especially the debian package), since it pretended not to rely on gems, but actually did.

Now I’ve done what every serious maintainer should do once in a while : I got my machine stolen, had to reinstall everything on a fresh laptop, and realized things were quite broken.

So there is a nicer version of the application at the usual

I tried adding a few stuff in the doc about plugins. Still not quite there.

The editor REALLY need some doc and some work. Maybe some re-work, actually …

Also, give a look at the index of the site, I hacked a remake of pacman (to play with the AI), and it was fun to do, but then a few days later there was this great article on gamasutra and I realized I could have implemented things in a complete different way … which is not a problem !!

Have fun !


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