Boots-Puzzle 0.3.1 escaped institution !

October 1, 2008

Boots Puzzle 0.3.1 is out.

This is mostly a packaging release, since not so many things have changed.

The biggest news is that there is now an APT repository set up, so debian users should be able to install things slighly more easily.

As usual, see here :

What’s next ?

  • Writting the documentation for the DSL
  • Adding a couple of levels (possibily with a few new plugins …)
  • Get rid of gems-only dependency (in a perfect world, I would only depends on stuff that is packaged as debian files).

Have fun !

GNUe Screen of Death

September 30, 2008

God I though I would never see this again :

Thanks to all VirtualBox developpers for bringing the Blue Screen Of Death to my GNU/Linux system.

Really, thanks.

Boots-puzzle 0.3.0 released !

September 25, 2008


My pet project “boots-puzzle” has grown enough for me to show it to the world (as if the world cared, I know..).

So you’ll get yet-another-developper diary here !

You can check the home page here : home page.

0.3.0 is my first “public” release, so please be indulgent …

have fun !