Slick + Clojure : update

It seems that some people have been peeking at my post about Slick and Clojure … you might be interested by the following, then :

This thread is a discussion about my lame effort to translate a basic scroller example from Slick to clojure (the shamefull result can be found here.

The nice clojure’s feature demonstrated are :

* proxying
* having as little mutable state as possible, and using a lot of little “transformation” function
* integration with the input handling from Slick
* and realizing that the clojure community is rather nice šŸ˜‰

On the overall, the code length was reduced a bit, and I dare say the clojure code would be easier to test automatically than the slick examples (which was of course only an example).

Also, it was fun working with splitelib’s tank again !

Have fun


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